Resolutions for 2015

Patrick Camus, Director of Research and Innovation

'Pat in a Hat' - the Director of Research and Innovation puts his thinking cap on!

‘Pat in a Hat’ – the Director of Research and Innovation puts his thinking cap on!

I have just returned from a semi-annual meeting of the Materials Analysis Division (MAD, of Ametek. Members of all of the sister companies participated and exchanged ideas on a range of topics. The motivation was to understand and exchange the best practices and available technologies within MAD. A wealth of new information about current capabilities energized the participants to expand their plans for future product developments.

Detailed discussions about sharing potential technologies and practices with our sister organizations caused me to expand my list of potential technologies to investigate for future product development. One example is the use of a common division software resource for the writing and distribution of platform independent smartphone apps. My next task is to prioritize this list into my 2015 (and beyond) EDAX (New Years) Resolutions for new products and to work with the Sales and Marketing teams to enhance the microanalysis capabilities of our customers. Look for exciting product development announcements throughout 2015!

How are your resolutions coming along?

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