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6/3/2021 Disoriented Dr. Stuart Wright
5/4/2021 Late Night(s) with EBSD Matt Nowell
4/8/2021 Minimum Detection Limit and Silicon Nitride Window Dr. Shangshang Mu
3/9/2021 Microanalysis That’s Out of this World! Dr. Jonathan Lee
2/9/2021 Boxes Dr. Stuart Wright
12/8/2020 Improve the Indexing Rate – EDAX’s Optimized EBSD Solution Dr. Sophie Yan
12/8/2020 提高标定率——EDAX的EBSD解决方案 Dr. Sophie Yan
11/24/2020 Thanksgiving Dave Durham
11/17/2020 Do Vintage Toy Cars Contain Lead? Dr. Shangshang Mu
10/27/2020 Be Direct When You Detect! Fred Ulmer
10/14/2020 Cover Worthy Matt Nowell
10/6/2020 The Only Constant is Change Matt Chipman
9/22/2020 There is a Screw Loose Dr. René de Kloe
9/1/2020 Care and Upkeep of Your Standards Shawn Wallace
8/25/2020 Cornfields and Characterization: A Story of Failure Analysis Dr. Jordan Moering
8/18/2020 Sunshine of My Life Lin Nan
7/6/2020 “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff” vs. “It’s the Little Things That Matter Most” Dr. Stuart Wright
4/1/2020 Want a Free Set of Microanalysis Standards? Dr. Shangshang Mu
3/24/2020 Between the Lines Dr. René de Kloe
2/18/2020 How Many Electrons Do You Need For An EBSD Pattern? Matt Nowell
2/5/2020 How to Get a Good Answer in a Timely Manner Shawn Wallace
1/21/2020 Shelf Life Dr. Bruce Scruggs
1/7/2020 Colorful Language Dr. Stuart Wright
12/17/2019 What a Difference a Year Makes Jonathan McMenamin
11/27/2019 Those People and Things Dr. Sophie Yan
11/13/2019 Look Closer Dr. René de Kloe
10/29/2019 Coming Up To Speed Eric Rufe
10/15/2019 Things That Change The Way We Use EDS Dr. Shangshang Mu
10/1/2019 Texture on the Greens Matt Nowell
9/18/2019 Celebrating Nearly 60 Years of Materials Analysis Expertise with EDAX Arjun Dalvi
8/20/2019 Intersections Dr. Stuart Wright
8/6/2019 Is It Worth The Salt? Dr. Felix Reinauer
7/23/19 Hats Off/On to Dictionary Indexing Dr. Stuart Wright
7/9/2019 A Cog’s Case for Corporate Utopia David Durham
6/28/2019 Saying What You Mean and Meaning What You Say Shawn Wallace
6/18/2019 A New Light on Leonardo Sue Arnell
6/11/2019 From Collection EBSD at 20 Patterns Per Second John Haritos
5/28/2019 This Time Of Year Matt Nowell
5/8/2019 Back to Basics Dr. René de Kloe
4/16/2019 What’s In a Name? Matt Nowell
4/2/2019 Picture Postcards From….. Dr. Felix Reinauer
3/19/2019 “Strained” Friendship Dr. Stuart Wright
1/24/2019 A Lot of Excitement In The Air Sia Afshari
1/8/2019 Common Mistakes When Presenting EBSD Data Shawn Wallace
12/19/2018 Happy Holidays From All of Us at EDAX Sue Arnell
12/19/2018 Old Eyes? Dr. Stuart Wright
11/29/2018 EM Microanalysis Business in China Harris Jiang
11/13/2018 Visas, Border Crossings and Beers; Oh My! Dr. Bruce Scruggs
10/30/2018 Welcome to Weiterstadt! Dr. Michaela Schleifer
10/16/2018 Old and New Faces Dr. Jens Rafaelsen
10/2/2018 Teaching is learning Dr. René de Kloe
9/18/2018 Endless Summer Matt Nowell
9/11/2018 One, Two, Three Times an Intern Kylie Simpson
9/4/2018 Down Memory Lane Sia Afshari
8/22/2018 When the Dust of M&M Settles, It’s Time to Take Stock…. Shawn Wallace
8/9/2018 What Do You Do? and Whatever is Electron Backscatter Diffraction? Dr. Sophie Yan
7/23/2018 Vacationing Between a Rock and a Hard Place Shawn Wallace
7/12/2018 Countdown to M&M….. Dr. Patrick Camus
6/26/2018 Crown Caps = Fresh Beer? Dr. Felix Reinauer
6/12/2018 Building an EBSD Sample Matt Nowell
5/29/2018 A Little Background on Backgrounds Dr. Stuart Wright
5/15/2018 One Analysis Technique – So Many Options! Roger Kerstin
5/1/2018 Seeing is Believing Dr. René de Kloe
4/17/2018 EBSD Detection Future Seems Bright and Fast Dr. Patrick Camus
4/3/2018 It Came From Outer Space Dr. Jens Rafaelsen
3/20/2018 Orbis XRF Analysis of Ceramic Monoliths Dr. Bruce Scruggs
3/13/2018 EBSD in China Dr. Sophie Yan
2/20/2018 Avoid a Distorted View Dr. Stuart Wright
2/06/2018 Water, Sand and Salt, and Why We Care About Compounds Tara Nylese
1/16/2018 Seeing the World a Little Differently. Jonathan McMenamin
1/03/2018 EBSD and the Real World Shawn Wallace
12/18/2017 Materials Selection While Black Friday Shopping Matt Nowell
12/06/2017 Looking At A Grain! Sia Afshari
11/15/2017 Looking at the World of Microanalysis in Color Tara Nylese
10/31/2017 Aimless Wanderin’ – Need a Map? Dr. Stuart Wright
10/17/2017 How to Increase Your Materials Characterization Knowledge with EDAX Sue Arnell
10/03/2017 My Fossil Background Dr. René de Kloe
09/19/2017 A Bit of Background Information Dr. Jens Rafaelsen
09/05/2017 Thoughts from a Summer Intern Kylie Simpson
08/29/2017 What Kind of Leaves Are These? Dr. Bruce Scruggs
08/21/2017 What an Eclipse can teach us about our EDS Detectors Shawn Wallace
08/16/2017 EDAX China User Meeting in Guiyang 贵阳用户会流水帐 Dr. Sophie Yan
08/01/2017 Celebrating the 50th Birthday of Microanalysis Sia Afshari
07/18/2017 XRF: Old Tech Adapting to New Times Andrew Lee
07/05/2017 Aimless Wanderin’ in 3D (Part 3) Dr. Stuart Wright
06/20/2017 Journey of Learning: Teaching Yourself the Power of EBSD Shawn Wallace
06/06/2017 Caveat Emptor – Especially with Microanalysis Samples Matt Nowell
05/09/2017 Aimless Wanderin’ at the Meso-Scale (Part 2) Dr. Stuart Wright
04/25/2017 It’s a zoo in there! Dr. René de Kloe
04/11/2017 My New Lab Partner Part 2 (East Coast Edition) Dr. Jens Rafaelsen
03/28/2017 Aimless Wanderin’? – Part One Dr. Stuart Wright
3/16/2017 To Attend, or Not to Attend Trade Shows? That is the Question! Roger Kerstin
02/14/2017 My New Lab Partner Matt Nowell
01/31/2017 The Hough Transform – An Amazing Tool. Shawn Wallace
01/10/2017 Considerations for your New Year’s Resolutions from Dr. Pat Dr. Patrick Camus
12/14/2016 Molecular Machines are the Future René Jansen
11/30/2016 Adding a New Dimension To Analysis Dr. Oleg Lourie
11/15/2016 Rotary Engines Go Round and Round Dr. Bruce Scruggs
10/25/2016 My Turn Dr. Stuart Wright
10/11/2016 With Great Data Comes Great Responsibility Matt Nowell
9/27/2016 Help! Dr. René de Kloe
9/13/2016 Don’t Beam Me Up Yet Sia Afshari
9/1/2016 Metals, Minerals and Gunshot Residue Dr. Jens Rafaelsen
8/16/2016 From Intern to Analyst – Studying the Impact of ‘Non-Ideal’ Samples on Quant Results Kylie Simpson and Robert Rosenthal
8/2/2016 Training Classes and You Shawn Wallace, EDAX
7/19/2016 It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.” (Mark Twain) Dr. Oleg Lourie, EDAX
7/6/2016 How to Get the Maximum Benefit out of Visiting the Show Floor at a Microanalysis Conference Dr. Pat Camus, EDAX
6/21/2016 Why is There an Error in My Measurement? Sia Afshari, EDAX
6/7/2016  Cleaning Up After EBSD 2016 Matt Nowell, EDAX
5/26/2016 From Third World to First World; Through Innovation, Technology and Manufacturing. Koh Kwan Loke, EDAX
5/10/2016 Return Ticket from the East Coast to East Asia Dr. Jens Rafaelsen, EDAX
4/26/2016 There’s a Hole in Your Analysis! Dr. René de Kloe, EDAX
4/12/2016 System Error….Or User Error? Shawn Wallace, EDAX
3/29/2016 Some Things I Learned About Computers While Installing An XLNCE SMX-ILH XRF Analyzer Dr. Bruce Scruggs, EDAX
3/15/2016 Intelligent Use of IQ Dr. Stuart Wright, EDAX
3/03/2016 The Origin of Ideas Dr. Patrick Camus, EDAX
2/10/2016 From Shanghai to Melbourne, Perspectives of a New World Traveler Dr. Sophie Yan, EDAX
1/27/2016 Is It Magnesium That Makes Our Earth Magnetic? René Jansen, EDAX
1/12/2016 A New Year and a New Market. Tara Nylese, EDAX
12/15/2015 “What do we do?” – A Newcomer’s Perspective. Shawn Wallace, EDAX
12/7/2015 Old Dogs and New Tricks Matt Nowell, EDAX
11/30/2015 It’s All About Speed Dr. Oleg Lourie, EDAX
11/09/2015 Happy Thanksgiving Dr. Stuart Wright, EDAX
10/19/2015 Road Maps – A Product Manager’s Reality Sia Afshari, EDAX
10/06/2015 Space Rocks Rock! Matt Nowell, EDAX
09/22/2015 Do You Want to be Average(d)? Dr. René de Kloe, EDAX
09/08/2015 Why you should never leave home without your plasma cleaner – at least if you are going to M&M. Dr. Jens Rafaelsen, EDAX
08/25/2015  When Shattering Performance Limits Makes You Think You Have Broken Your New Detector! Tara Nylese, EDAX
08/11/2015 XRF – Mile High Style! Sia Afshari, EDAX
07/28/2015 Windows of Opportunity? Dr. Patrick Camus, EDAX
07/21/2015 Integration of the SMX-ILH Unit into Manufacturing Processes Dr. Bruce Scruggs, EDAX
07/06/2015 Notes from Madison: Atom Probe Tomography Users’ Meeting Dr. Katherine Rice, CAMECA Instruments
06/22/2015 Max Verstappen does EBSD René Jansen, Regional Manager, EDAX EMEA
06/08/2015 There’s more here than meets the eye! Dr. Bruce Scruggs, Product Manager Micro-XRF, EDAX
05/19/2015 What’s in Your EBSD Pattern? Dr. Travis Rampton, Applications Engineer, EDAX
05/04/2015 How Low Can You Go? Dr. Jens Rafaelsen, Applications Engineer, EDAX
04/21/2015 Fine-Tuning the Microstructure Dr. Stuart Wright, Senior Scientist, EDAX
04/06/2015 When a Picture is Worth Only a Single Word Matt Nowell, EBSD Product Manager, EDAX
03/24/2015 Resolving Matters Dr. René de Kloe, Applications Specialist, EDAX
03/10/2015 What Do You Do For a Living? Mike Coy, Global Marketing Manager, EDAX
02/23/2015 EDS Windows: Past, Present and Future Dr. Patrick Camus, Director of Research and Innovation, EDAX
02/09/15 Perspectives From An Exhibition Dr. Mehdi Bolorizadeh, Product Manager EDS, EDAX
01/25/15 “You Guys Are Basically All The Same” Dr. Stuart Wright, Senior Scientist, EDAX
01/13/15 The Next Big Thing in EDS – 2015 Tara Nylese, Global Applications Manager, EDAX
12/9/14 Resolutions for 2015 Dr. Patrick Camus, Director of Research and Innovation, EDAX
12/2/14 Statistics Do Matter! Sia Afshari, Program Manager XRF, EDAX
11/18/14 Tuning the Microstructure Dr. Stuart Wright, Senior Scientist EBSD, EDAX
11/04/14 Where is the Missing Element? René Jansen, Regional Sales Manager Europe, EDAX
10/14/14 High Resolution EBSD – Seeing More of the Details Travis Rampton, Applications Engineer EBSD/EDS EDAX
10/2/14 t-EBSD – Taking Transparency to a New Level Dr. René de Kloe, Applications Engineer, EDAX
9/16/14 Transparent Aluminum: “To boldly go where no one has gone before.” Steve Sopko, Service Manager North America, EDAX
9/2/14 The Concrete Truth Dr. Bruce Scruggs, Micro-XRF Product Manager, EDAX
8/13/14 The Annual Microscopy And Microanalysis Show – A Unique Opportunity Mike Coy, Global Marketing Manager, EDAX
7/21/14 Interpreting The True Structure Of Objects Dr. Patrick Camus, Director of Research and Innovation, EDAX
7/8/14 Real Problems – Smart Solutions! Frank Cumbo, Director of Sales and Marketing, EDAX
6/23/14 Time For A Change – New Perspectives In Grain Size Analysis Dr. Stuart Wright, Senior Scientist EBSD, EDAX
6/9/14 EBSD Analysis Between A Rock And A Hard Place Travis Rampton, Applications Engineer EBSD, EDAX
5/20/14 Working For EDAX Is Working In A Different World René Jansen, Regional Manager EDAX EMEA, Managing Director Ametek BV
5/6/14 Cooking With EBSD – In-Situ Heating Experiments Matt Nowell, EBSD Product Manager, EDAX
4/21/14 The Problem Is Not the Problem Steve Sopko, Customer Service Manager, EDAX
4/7/14 The Tooth, The Whole Tooth And Nothing But The Tooth… Tara Nylese, Global Applications Manager, EDAX
3/24/14 Fun With Rhenium Josh Kacher, Post-Doc – UC Berkeley
3/10/14 Microstructural Treasure Hunting René de Kloe, Applications Specialist EDS, EBSD, EDAX
2/25/14 PRIAS Imaging – New Approaches To Visualizing Microstructure Matt Nowell, EBSD Product Manager, EDAX
2/11/14 Solid Angle Tool Dr. Patrick Camus, Director of Research and Innovation, EDAX
1/22/14 Taking OIM Analysis To Heart Matt Nowell, EBSD Product Manager, EDAX
1/13/14 Crystals, Chemistry And Christmas Trees Tara Nylese, Global Applications Manager, EDAX

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