Blog Team

Sia Afshari, Former Global Marketing Manager EDAX
Dr. Patrick Camus, Director of Engineering, EDAX
  Mike Coy, Former Global Marketing Manager EDAX

Frank Cumbo, former Director Sales, Service and Marketing EDAX
Arjun Dalvi, Regional Sales Manager Southeast Asia/India, EDAX

Dave Durham, US Western Region Sales Manager, EDAX

John Haritos, Regional Sales Manager SW USA, EDAX
René Jansen, Former Regional Manager EDAX EMEA
Harris Jiang, Former Regional Sales Manager East China, EDAX
   Josh Kacher, Post-doc – UC Berkeley

Roger Kerstin, US Sales Manager EDAX

Dr. René de Kloe, Applications Specialist EDS and EBSD
  Andrew Lee, Former Senior Applications Engineer, EDAX
  Koh Kwan Loke, Former Regional Sales Manager Asia, EDAX
Dr. Oleg Lourie, Product Manager EDS/WDS/XRF, EDAX
Jonathan McMenamin, Marketing Communications Manager, EDAX
Dr. Jordan Moering, U.S. Mid-Atlantic Sales Manager, EDAX
Dr. Shangshang Mu, Applications Engineer, EDAX
Lin Nan, Regional Sales Manager, EDAX
Matt Nowell Matt Nowell, EBSD Product Manager, EDAX
Tara Nylese, Former Global Applications Manager, EDAX

Dr. Jens Rafaelsen, Applications Engineer, EDAX
Dr. Travis Rampton, Former Applications Engineer EBSD, EDAX
Dr. Felix Reinauer, Applications Specialist, EDAX
Dr. Katherine Rice, Cameca Instruments
Eric Rufe, Former U.S. Northeast Sales Manager, EDAX
Dr. Michaela Schleifer, Regional Manager Europe, EDAX
Dr. Bruce Scruggs, Former Product Manager Micro-XRF
Steve Sopko, Former Customer Service Manager

Shawn Wallace, Applications Engineer EDAX
Stuart Wright, Ph.D, Senior Scientist EBSD
Sophie Yan, Ph.D, Applications Engineer China, EDAX

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