Dr. Stuart Wright, Senior Scientist EBSD, EDAX

Stuart was first introduced to EBSD as an undergraduate student at Brigham Young University working with the first system in North America. Stuart then moved on to Yale University to purse a PhD under Professor Brent Adams. His thesis research focused on automating the EBSD technique. This effort led to the first fully automated EBSD scans performed in the fall of 1991. The research group named this automated EBSD technique Orientation Imaging Microscopy or OIM. After graduating, Stuart joined Los Alamos National Lab and continued work in micro-texture and texture analysis using both the OIM technique and conventional X-Ray diffraction. Shortly after TSL was founded, Stuart left Los Alamos and joined the startup company commercializing the OIM technique working primarily on software development. He has continued in this role through the purchase of TSL by EDAX. The original OIM system at Yale could index approximately one pattern in approximately 3 seconds. Modern systems have come a long way since those early days with speeds now exceeding 1000 indexed patterns per second. Stuart is closely involved in the continued development of the technique as well as in working with scientists all over the world in applying the technique to their materials’ research.

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