Tara Nylese, Former Global Applications Manager, EDAX

Tara Nylese used to be the EDAX Global Applications Manager, based in the Mahwah office. Tara works with EDS, EBSD and WDS technologies. She started her career in microanalysis primarily with SEM/EDS based techniques and over the course of her 20 years with EDAX has added the additional capabilities into her analytical approaches. With a strong understanding of core technologies, Tara takes the advanced technologies in novel directions, externally with customers and internally within various EDAX groups. Of particular interest are applications of phase mapping and how to fully characterize materials with subtle differences, to create a high level of materials characterization.

Tara holds a Master’s degree in Chemistry with a Professional Science Masters (PSM), which gives her an understanding of the commercial end of applied science and technology for the benefit of real world industry and business solutions. She spends most of her time at EDAX working directly with customers, from new system evaluation through training, on-going customer support, and bringing customer feedback into the future of EDAX for real world solutions.

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