Dr. Travis Rampton, Former Applications Engineer EBSD/EDS, EDAX

Travis Rampton joined EDAX in August 2013 as an Applications Engineer specializing in EBSD. He received a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Brigham Young University and has completed his PhD at the same university, also in Mechanical Engineering. The title of his dissertation is “DEFORMATION TWIN NUCLEATION AND GROWTH CHARACTERIZATION IN MAGNESIUM ALLOYS USING HR-EBSD AND MACHINE LEARNING TOOLS” which focuses on the development of EBSD tools to solve new and difficult materials issues. In addition to working with Magnesium, Travis has collaborated on EBSD studies involving a myriad of materials including Tantalum, ZrB2¬-SiC composite, and dual-phase steels. Additionally, his background in mechanical engineering has aided in the design of in-situ experiments with EBSD for mechanical testing.

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