Dr. Jens Rafaelsen, Applications Engineer, EDAX

Jens RafaelsenJens Rafaelsen joined EDAX in 2014 as an Applications Engineer specializing in EDS. He has a strong background in electron microscopy and has trained numerous students and clients in SEM and EDS theory and practice. His experience includes several years as the technical supervisor of the clean room facilities at Aalborg University, Denmark, where he applied a variety of techniques including SEM, FIB, CVD, PVD, PES, AFM, laser spectroscopy, and optical, electron, and ion beam lithography.

Jens earned his PhD in Physics from Aalborg University. His research focused on Germanium surfaces and nanostructures probed by non-linear optical measurement techniques, photoemission spectroscopy, and electron microscopy.

As an Applications Engineer, Jens enjoys the versatility the position has to offer, ranging from training first time users and running reference samples to discussing applications with experts in the field and developing new techniques to solve complex problems. He is highly interested in novel applications, expanding the areas in which EDS is traditionally used, and ensuring users and clients receive the training and information they need to solve their daily tasks and make the most of their equipment.

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