Sia Afshari, Former Global Marketing Manager, EDAX

Sia Afshari joined the EDAX Global Marketing team in 2014 as the Program Manager for XRF and has recently been promoted to Global Marketing Manager. He has been involved with development and marketing of analytical instrumentation for over 25 years. He has a broad knowledge of analytical techniques, detection technology, NDT applications, and spectrometric methods especially with XRF/XRD systems. Sia was the Product Manager for RMD Instruments, and prior to RMD with the B&L Analytical Division. Sia holds BS and MS degrees in Nuclear Engineering with graduate studies in Material Science from the University of Massachusetts.


  1. Hi Sia,
    I did join the Webinar yesterday. I got two qustios: would it be possible to get a PDF copy of the talk. How do you calibrate your software to get the individual layer thickness out of your software.



    1. Hi Wilfried,
      The pdf of the slide deck will be available from the webinar ‘on-demand’ page at Materials Views shortly. Please would you email us at with your email address and I will forward your second question to Sia.
      Best regards,

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